General Bytes sells their 1,500th Bitcoin ATM, reduces BATMTwo L price

General Bytes sells their 1,500th Bitcoin ATM, reduces BATMTwo L price

The team of General Bytes, the Bitcoin ATM and blockchain based technology company today announced a milestone having just sold their 1,500th ATM. This makes the company the second largest Bitcoin ATM manufacturer to date. They sold their 1,000th machine on November 25th, 2017.

Also disucussed from General Bytes was new coin support. In addition to full DASH support (two-way operation, POS and NFC wallets) General Bytes has added some new coins to their platforms including VIA, FLASH, and SMART and also improved support for Monero (XMR).


Keeping their positive news flowing, General Bytes announced a price reduction in the BATMTwo Large model (BATMTwo L). This is a larger BATMTwo model that comes with a cash acceptor that holds 1,200 banknotes, twice the capacity of the original BATMTwo (BATMTwo Classic).

This increased capacity can mean half the number of “cash collection” trips to the ATM, increasing the bottom line for the ATM operator.

General Bytes says they will keep selling the BATMTwo Classic model but “learned that reducing the number of trips to an ATM is an easy way to increase profits and the new BATMTwo L (BATMTwo Large) is ideal for those ‘not so close to the office’ locations because of this.”

The team is also now accepting pre-sale orders for their improved bitcoin and cryptocurrency point of sale machine CorexPay, which has been in operation since March 2015.

Basis (formerly Basecoin) raises $133 million in a private sale

Basis (formerly Basecoin) raises $133 million in a private sale

Nader Al-Naji, CEO of Basis (formerly Basecoin) announced today they have raised $133 million in a private placement from Bain Capital Ventures, GV, Stanley Druckenmiller, Kevin Warsh, Lightspeed, Foundation Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Wing VC, NFX Ventures, Valor Capital, Zhenfund, INBlockchain, Ceyuan, Sky9 Capital, and others. Al-Naji said, “together, we are building a cryptocurrency with an algorithmic central bank that we believe will make cryptocurrency stable and usable around the world. Most people in the developed world take for granted their access to a stable currency. In the developing world, however, the most stable currencies that people have access to are often inflating at annual rates of 10% or more.”

On Basis’ backers, Al-Naji said:

“Through our private placement, we don’t just have the support of financial institutions like venture capitalists and crypto hedge funds. Major crypto exchanges, blockchain wallets, application developers, and economists have also come in to support our effort. We are proud to say that our backers now form an international network of supporters who have come together to help us make Basis the next great monetary system.”

If interested in more details, see the Basis whitepaper.

Privacy coins primed as Monero (XMR) and Particl (PART) go to upside

Privacy coins primed as Monero (XMR) and Particl (PART) go to upside

In one of its best performing days of the past several months, Monero traded up to 3.01 million sats in early Wednesday trade, up over 25% in the past 24 hours. The volume was extremely heavy, with massive flows into the popular privacy coin name.

It has been a rough stretch for Monero of late, with the public battle over the new ASIC miners leading the development team to hard fork the protocol.

As the case in many altcoin rallies, the lower priced coins caught the first wave of buying and higher priced coins like Monero seem to be catching the next wave.

Privacy coins were the center of attention today, as Verge announced a headline-grabbing partnership with Pornhub, the most widely viewed adult entertainment website.

Another notable mover in the privacy coin sector is Particl (PART), which is currently trading around 25% higher in the past 24 hours at the time of publishing. There is a lot of chatter about the upcoming alpha release of Particl’s privacy platform, and buyers were aggressively buying in early Wednesday Asia trade.

There has been a renewed appetite for altcoins the past week, as many crypto traders feel more confident they saw the interim low in bitcoin last week, after the high volume buying took prices 20% off the week’s lows.

SpectroCoin releases upgraded bitcoin iOS wallet app

SpectroCoin releases upgraded bitcoin iOS wallet app

SpectroCoin, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet app has announced a new and improved version for iOS. Those running iOS 7.0 or later can now find the updated version in the app store. Besides bug fixes, the new 1.4.0 app version offers enhanced security and user experience, more deposit options, and new features and support for iPhone X.

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC)  support, the upgraded SpectroCoin payment app now offers the possibility of sending and receiving Ethereum (ETH), NEM (XEM) and Dash (DASH).

Besides new crypto asset capabilities, the app features enhanced security. Before, for users to protect their iOS device, they could choose to add a passcode in addition to their SpectroCoin login details, such as email and unique password. Now after the latest SpectroCoin iOS app update, the passcode feature is no longer just optional, but mandatory. Moreover, users have limited attempts to input the correct passcode to prove they are the owner of the account.

Now users can buy bitcoin and other digital assets by linking a credit or debit card. Deposits via debit and credit cards are instantaneous, enabled the purchase of over 20 types of other crypto and fiat currencies within seconds, straight from the mobile app. Additionally, Euro bank account users can load their SpectroCoin blockchain wallet in a secure and reliable way by transferring money via SEPA bank transfers. SEPA transfers are supported among member states of the European Union (or Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein) and typically take between 1 and 3  days.

The SpectroCoin team has also added a new feature that helps refresh the balance page with a single pull.  Simply pull a finger down across the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and the app will then check the latest SpectroCoin blockchain wallet balance.

Further new features of the latest SpectroCoin iOS app can be seen below:

  • Users are now able to access their International Bank Account Number (IBAN) details straight from the app. This allows you for IBAN account history as well as personal International Bank Account Number itself so you can be used for making and receiving payments in Euros on the go.
  • Addition of new features for easier user registration and login. Before new users could only register to SpectroCoin using the web version of the page, now new users can simply sign up at SpectroCoin via the app.
  • Support of login via 1Password and LastPass. If a user owns any of these password managers, they can log in to the SpectroCoin bitcoin payment app by tapping on the “Lock” icon on the login screen and imputing the “Master password” of the password manager app. With this, users do not have to remember their unique SpectroCoin account password anymore but can still keep their account secure.

In addition to all the new features, users can still make use of the older functionalities of the app, such as checking balances of SpectroCoin blockchain wallets, exchanging between different currencies, editing profile information, checking the SpectroCoin news feed, frequently asked questions (FAQ) section and more.

Finom AG’s cryptocurrency ecosystem shows high demand in first report

Finom AG’s cryptocurrency ecosystem shows high demand in first report

In an effort to document their progress and highlight key statistics, Finom AG, the blockchain holding company has released a new and their first quarterly report. Finom AG includes cryptocurrency companies TabTrader, Nanopool, FinCloud, Cryptonit, and Beetle (more about these services are down below).

Last year, the company completed a successful crowdsale of FIN tokens, raising $41 million from over 7,000 contributors. Finom issued the unique FIN security token and then did a second ICO for utility NOM tokens. The FIN security token made history as one of the first pursuant to Regulation D of the U.S. SEC.

The new quarterly report from Finom delivers some nice transparency for token holders. Eventually, the company may start to record detailed financial results. Although for now, there are no requirements to do so.

Finom AG's cryptocurrency ecosystem shows high demand in first reportKirill Suslov, CEO of Finom AG

Kirill Suslov, CEO of Finom AG said, “With each new report we plan to disclose more information to you because we want you to know as much as possible about Finom. Deeper knowledge leads to insight, which in turn leads to trust.”

A fundamental statistic from the report shows users across Finom’s services doubling in six months. Users increased from 220,000 in Q3 2017 to 407,000 in Q4 2017, to now more than 530,000 at the end of Q1 2018.

Besides their five active services, Finom also has three products currently under development. Below is a performance overview of the company’s operating services.


Finom AG’s main service is TabTrader, now with over 250,00 users signed up. TabTrader is a mobile terminal that allows users to trade cryptocurrency and manage accounts on the world’s 24 leading exchanges.

Most users access Bittrex through TabTrader, with 44% using TabTraber to trade on the US crypto exchange. Rounding out the top exchanges after Bittrex include, Bitfinex (9%), Poloniex (9%), and Binance (8%). There is also active TabTrader users accessing HitBTC, EXMO, Kraken, and Mercado.

Finom has as one of its main goals to increase the number of supported exchanges.

Finom AG's cryptocurrency ecosystem shows high demand in first reportUser growth on Nanopool.


Nanopool has over 140,000 registered users and is one of the largest Ethereum mining pools in the world. They report their share of global Ethereum production to be about 15%. Since November 2017 Nanopool has seen a steady increase in users and hashrate on all its pools.

The percent network share of mining activity for crypto-assets mined by Nanopool shows 23% Ethereum Classic, 15%  Ethereum, 84% PascalCoin 5% Monero. <1% SiaCoin, 12% Zcash, and 23% Electroneum.


FinCloud, a cryptocurrency cloud mining service opened for prelaunch orders in March last month and is Finom’s most recent service launch. FinCloud will allow users to rent mining power for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash and Electroneum

Cryptonit is a cryptocurrency exchange owned and managed by the British company Cryptonit Solutions, Ltd. The exchange has been running since 2012 and “has a spotless reputation.” Finom showed the exchange now has over 7,200 active users as of Q1 2018.

Beetle is a mobile app for purchasing Bitcoin and Ethereum with a credit or debit card, devised as a simple tool for entry into the crypto world.

There is both an Android (7,500 installations) and iOS (10,500 installations) version. Through Beetle, users can invest in any ICO and move funds onto an exchange or third-party wallet.

Employee Growth

With the importance of team members to Finom’s growth, they have also highlighted some impressive statistics. In September 2017, Finom had 10 departments and 42 employees. By March 2018, the company headcount grew to 103 over 17 different departments.  The charts below show the employee distribution among Finom’s departments, along with the growth occurring over six months from 10 to 17 departments.

Finom AG's cryptocurrency ecosystem shows high demand in first report

Shivom partners with Spherity to solve data privacy as DNA sequencing popularity grows

Shivom partners with Spherity to solve data privacy as DNA sequencing popularity grows

Shivom, the blockchain genomics platform that is powering personalized healthcare, has partnered with Spherity, the decentralized platform provider to ensure the privacy of Shivom’s massive genome datasets as the popularity of DNA sequencing grows. Spherity, who supported Shivom’s technical whitepaper in advance of the blockchain genomics company’s planned token sale, will provide the identity layers that identify machines, humans, and datasets.

Spherity will also provide permission management services that ensure access to the data is restricted to people with the right permissions. In addition, the teams will work on joint research into privacy preservation for DNA data storage and analysis, which will allow Shivom to adopt the latest technology as soon as possible.

“Our partnership with Spherity is particularly important because of the auditable log component that it will enable. In the world of DNA sequencing, researchers need to be able to view a log of who has accessed the information before and when that access occurred. This is an important aspect of our collaboration with Spherity that will enable advances in the world of precision medicine for many years to come.”

Natalie Pankova, Chief Scientific Officer at Shivom

The storage requirements for genomic data are set to exceed all other fields in the coming years, as more and more people access DNA sequencing. With file sizes ranging from around 100-400GB per genome and a forecast that up to 2 billion people will have had their genomes sequenced by 2025, the way in which this data is stored and accessed will become increasingly important. With Spherity’s help, the Shivom platform will allow for the creation of a public identity, a human genome data vault, and a structure for using one-time transaction identities during the registration process.

This will provide a potential solution to the fear that many individuals currently have towards the storage of their genomic sequencing data. Access to the data in the Shivom ecosystem will be managed by each individual DNA data holder, through a public/private key infrastructure that is based on similar blockchain systems previously built by Spherity for the energy sector.

“We are partnering with Shivom to help them develop a high level of privacy and individual control for their blockchain genomics platform. Modern cryptography allows us to add privacy while preserving computation through processes like multiparty computation and homomorphic encryption. Also, zero-knowledge proof systems can be used for DNA matching and privacy-preserving solutions or customized for human genome analytics.”

Dr. Carsten Stöcker, Founder of Spherity

Spherity will provide added value to the architecture of the Shivom ecosystem and will comprise part of the components that are required to build an efficient and useable technology to advance the Shivom vision. With Spherity, the platform will allow Shivom to maximize the impact of decentralized DNA data storage, healthcare identity management, and data sharing.

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