How To: Buy Bitcoin Now – Coinbase Setup Quide

How To: Buy Bitcoin Now – Coinbase Setup Quide


Coinbase makes it really easy to convert your local currency into and out of bitcoin. On this page, you’ll learn how to buy bitcoin and store it securely in a wallet in 3 super-simple steps. If you’re just starting out, Coinbase is an ideal solution and whilst not the most secure it’s perfect for your day-to-day use by providing both a wallet and the ability to buy/sell with reasonable fees.




Sign up for Coinbase

This first step is to sign up for a Coinbase account. This will give you a secure place to store your bitcoin, and easy payment methods to convert your local currency into or out of bitcoin.

Sign up here ›

Connect Your Bank Account

After you sign up, connect your bank account. You’ll need to complete some verification steps before you can use the account. Once the verification steps are complete, you can start a purchase.

Add A Bank Account ›

Buy and Sell Bitcoin

After starting your first purchase, we’ll complete your buy and deliver your bitcoin. (Sells work the same way but in reverse). The price of bitcoin changes over time, so we’ll show you the current exchange rate before you buy.

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Bank in Liechtenstein to Allow Clients to Invest Directly in Cryptocurrencies

Bank in Liechtenstein to Allow Clients to Invest Directly in Cryptocurrencies

Bank Frick

Some countries in Europe are against cryptocurrencies, while others are infatuated with it. The latter now includes Liechtenstein, which is a German-speaking country in Europe. More specifically, there’s a family-based bank – Bank Frick, in Liechtenstein that has decided to put all of its eggs into the crypto basket.

Bank Frick

The world was informed this week that Bank Frick will now allow its clients to invest directly in virtual currencies. This is significant news as this makes Bank Frick one of the first banks in the world to allow its clients to such a thing. This might be a small, family-owned bank, but that doesn’t mean it’s taking any short-cuts. According to the Liechtenstein-based bank, the primary goal is to target institutional and high-value private clients. These clients have to be able to purchase in with the following: Swiss francs, euros, and U.S. dollars.

How will it work? Well, here’s what we know so far: all of the crypto assets that are under Bank Frick’s custody will be held in cold wallets. This is essentially a security measure that keeps private keys away from hackers. Further, the announcement stated that clients wanting to invest in cryptocurrencies will not be able to do so until they have been 100% verified as well as 100% identified.

>>The Crypto Oscars 2018

Speaking of actually investing in cryptocurrencies, what will be available for trading? According to Bank Frick, to start, the bank will make the following cryptocurrencies available for trade: Ripple, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

The Takeaway

I wasn’t completely surprised by this announcement. Were you? After all, this just marks one of the latest efforts among central banks moving to support the increasing popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia’s central bank announced that it is going to start focusing more time on exploring all that blockchain technology offers.

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HashChain Technology Exclusive Interview – What Does Blockchain Mean to CEO Patrick Gray?

HashChain Technology Exclusive Interview – What Does Blockchain Mean to CEO Patrick Gray?

HashChain Technology

As part of our CEO Speaker Series, we’d like to give you a HashChain Technology Inc. exclusive interview with CEO Patrick Gray.

HashChain Technology (TSXV:KASH) (OTCQB:HSSHF) is a global blockchain company with a focus on mining cryptocurrencies. HashChain Technology currently operates 100 Dash mining rigs and has 770 Bitcoin rigs. The company recently purchased an additional 3,000 rigs and also acquired a Dash Masternode. HashChain is now in the process of looking to expand outside of crypto mining and one of its first steps towards this was to purchase the blockchain technology company NODE40.

We spoke with HashChain CEO Patrick Gray so he could tell us a little more about HashChain’s operations.

Tell us about your background and how you got started with HashChain?

I started as a software engineer and am a serial entrepreneur who has been lucky enough to be a part of a few start-ups that enjoyed successful exits. I’m also a founder of a number of technology companies, including most recently sCube in Albany, NY. Having always been a believer in cryptocurrency and its potential to disrupt the status quo in our economy, I made early investments in different coins including Bitcoin, Dash, and others. It wasn’t long before I saw the potentially huge upside to investing in cryptocurrency mining and founded HashChain Technology. I was the President of sCube at the time and decided to step down from my role and focus exclusively on HashChain.

What interests you most about blockchain technology?

Blockchain has the potential to transform nearly every industry due to its inherent transparency and accountability. Blockchain eliminates the fundamental security flaw of assuming trust in a third-party verifier. By eliminating the need for trust in the verification process through computing-based crowdsourcing, business as we know it will fundamentally change to become more secure and simple. Cryptocurrency is obviously a very large use case for blockchain now, but it will find so many more applications in the near future.

Why did you decide to focus on Dash?

We initially focused on Dash because it is driven by great technology. With the Masternode system of Dash (the proof-of-stake aspect of the currency), the blockchain allows coin holders to use InstaSend and PrivateSend, making each transaction more secure and quicker to verify. Recently, the Cryptokitty craze on the Ethereum blockchain highlighted a major flaw with “proof-of-work” cryptocurrencies because they can’t verify transactions fast enough to avoid bottlenecks during high volume times. Dash doesn’t have these issues. With all that said, Dash was just the first step for us. We currently have a web-monitoring system that allows us to allocate a portion of computing power to other mineable currencies in real-time as they become more profitable. Our goal is to keep our mining operations flexible and mine the highest-ROI currencies available at any given moment.

How do you plan to achieve your crypto mining expansion plans?

We have the infrastructure already in place to scale at our desired rate. When developing massive mining pools in a short period of time, you need two things – money and the ability to purchase rigs in mass quantity. It is the latter that is the most challenging for many miners. Buying 10 or 20 rigs isn’t an issue, but thousands become a different story. We have a strategic partnership with the largest rig manufacturer in the world, which allows us to scale much quicker than competitors. As an example, we began our mining operations with 100 GPU rigs in December 2017 and have received 770 ASICs for installation and completed a purchase order for an additional 5,000 expected in two shipments by the end of March. We anticipate operating at 5.8 megawatts by the middle of this year.

Why did you choose Vancouver as a location for a data center?

Canada has the optimal mining conditions for large-scale cryptocurrency mining. You need low costs for Internet and electricity, and a cold environment to reduce costs associated with overheating. There are very few places in the world that have all three, and Canada is one of them. By keeping our mining costs down, we guarantee the best ROI on each coin mined. Currently, only 14% of all mining is done in optimal conditions, so it is a big advantage for us.

What’s your take on the amount of energy that’s needed to mine cryptocurrencies? Should companies with a focus on crypto mining be looking for alternative energy-saving methods?

It’s no secret the energy consumed by mining is detrimental to the environment, and miners have a responsibility to look for ways to reduce their footprint. That’s why a lot of mining operations are attaching themselves to data centers near hydro plans like our data center in Montana. The rig manufacturer we work with develops ASIC rigs that consume less energy per unit than the market average, and as mining continues to ramp up, so will the competition between rig developers to drive down energy consumption.

HashChain Technology recently acquired NODE40. What are the plans moving forward with NODE40?

We have big plans for NODE40 and have already made movements to expand the company. We recently integrated the blockchain accounting portion of the software, NODE40 Balance, with CoinBase, the largest exchange in the world for cryptocurrency. This means that holders of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Dash and Litecoin will be able to use our software to report gains and losses (past and present) on their cryptocurrency and place the information within tax forms to share with the IRS. In the near future, we plan to expand our offering to other currencies and many other exchanges.

Is there any big news coming up that you can share with us?

HashChain will continue both the aggressive scaling of our mining operations while diversifying beyond a cryptocurrency mining company to a full-scale blockchain company. NODE40 was our first acquisition in this direction. We want to be able to diversify into a complementary group of blockchain technology companies and see the inevitability of regulations on the market as an important focus for us during this expansion. Many who are involved in cryptocurrency fear regulation, but we have a much more optimistic view on its impact on the market. If people are prepared for it to happen, it will elevate the market by eliminating those who shouldn’t be in the sector.

There have been a number of innovative projects popping up on blockchain – medical record tracking, new marketing techniques, games, etc. – what would you most like to see get coded into the blockchain?

Voting is an exciting prospect. The accountability of blockchain could virtually eliminate voter fraud. A decentralized blockchain for elections could allow volunteers (or government officials) to lend their computing power to verify the votes because of its inherent transparency. Not only does this address the issue of voter fraud, it could also mitigate the skepticism that surrounds a surprising election outcome. The complete transparency of the blockchain could remove any insinuation of wrongdoing.

Thanks so much to Patrick for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak with us at

To learn more about HashChain Technology, check out their website.

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Are Criminals keeping Bitcoin Prices Afloat? Will Regulations Squander That?

Are Criminals keeping Bitcoin Prices Afloat? Will Regulations Squander That?

Bitcoin Criminals

Cryptocurrencies continue to trade in the narrow range over the last week; Bitcoin traded in the range of $10,000, while Ethereum and Ripple are trading in the range of $870 and $0.92 – small trading range suggest that traders apprehensive about how cryptocurrencies will behave in the days to come.

Regulators slammed prices early in the year amid their strict stance towards cryptocurrencies – they criticized the surprise growth in prices of digital currencies and considered the rise of its use for illegal purposes.

Tether and a few other coins claimed to be back by U.S. dollars, yet they failed to prove this in audit reports.

The company’s website states: “Every tether is always backed 1-to-1, by traditional currency held in our reserves. So 1 USDT is always equivalent to 1 USD”.

Tether has dissolved their relationship with the Friedman LLP audit firm and hasn’t yet announced any new agreement for auditing their accounts in order to validate their claims. As a result,  Commodity Futures Trading Commission issued subpoenas to Tether because of concerns over their balance sheet and pump and dump schemes.  

The Uptrend Could Be Based on Speculation

The research report suggests that almost half of bitcoin transactions are conducted for illegal purposes.

The Australian Research Council said: “We find approximately one-quarter of Bitcoin users and one-half of Bitcoin transactions are associated with illegal activity. Around $72 billion of unlawful activity per year involves Bitcoin, which is close to the scale of the US and European markets for illegal drugs.”

The research reports suggest that the hype in bitcoin price was fueled by criminals, pump and dump schemes and other price manipulation activities. Bitcoin doesn’t have any underlying value other than the cost of mining a coin (which varies according to the electricity prices in different countries).

Bulls are predicting a sustainable rally in prices and they believe regulating cryptocurrencies would improve market sentiments. It’s unquestionable that investor’s confidence can get a huge boost by regulating virtual currencies; the price of these currencies would decline substantially if regulators successfully barred criminals from crypto markets.  

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Crypto Oscars – Who Will Claim the Prize?

Crypto Oscars – Who Will Claim the Prize?

Crypto Oscars

The day we’ve all been waiting for – no, not the Oscars – the Crypto Oscars!

It’s the time when all the coins come out, dressed in their ritziest conversion rates and flashing their market cap. The red carpet rolls out, and the crowds swarm in – here they come! Is that Bitcoin stepping out of the limo with Ethereum? But enough gossip, let’s get on with the show!

On Monday, we reported that there would be eight separate categories: four to be calculated today and four to be determined by you, the voters. The numbers are all in, and the envelopes are sealed; the nominees eagerly await their fate. Who will be crowned victor at the Crypto Oscars 2018? We’ll start with the calculation categories*.

*All numbers are calculated based on CoinMarketCap data

Greatest Growth Since Creation

What coin has grown the most since it was initially created?

The nominees are:

– Bitcoin (BTC)

– Ethereum (ETH)

– Ripple (XRP)

– Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

– Cardano (ADA)

And the winner is…


ETH has grown 30,185.16% since its creation.

Greatest Growth in One Year

What cryptocurrency grew the most in one year, from this time last year to today?

The nominees are:

– Litecoin (LTC)

– Stellar (XLM)


– Dash

– Monero (XMR)

And the winner is…


NEO has grown a whopping 105,490.27% in one year.

Greatest Growth Year-to-Date

What token has grown the most since the start of 2018?

The nominees are:


– Ethereum (ETH)

– Ethereum Classic (ETC)

– VeChain (VEN)

– Lisk (LSK)

And the winner is…


VEN has grown 102.61% since the beginning of 2018.

Top Performer for the Day

What coin has taken the lead for the day?

The nominees are:

– All Coins

And the winner is…

Iconomi (ICN)!

ICN is currently selling for $1.99, putting it up 34.20% in the past 24 hours, making it the top percentage performer for the day.

Now, we’ll move onto the categories that have been determined by the fans’ votes.

The Underdog Coin

What altcoin was voted as being the coin to beat this year?

The nominees are:


– Lisk (LSK)


– Nano

And the winner is…


LSK won the vote by 68%.

Best Crypto Game

What is, or will be, the best crypto game of them all? The votes are in!

The nominees are:

– CryptoKitties

– TRON Dogs

– World of Ether

– Neon District

And the winner is…

World of Ether!

World of Ether won the vote by 69%.

Best ICO

What was voted as the favorite upcoming or ongoing ICO?

The nominees are:

– Faceter

– Friendz

– Sapien

– AdHive

And the winner is…


It was a close vote, but AdHive snagged the win at the last minute with 53%.

Fan Favourite Coin

What was voted as the fan favourite coin?

The nominees are:

– All Coins

And the winner is…


ETH won the vote as the fan favourite coin with 18.75%.

And that’s it, folks! It was great to see so much participation from the fans, and it was a pleasure to host the very first ever Crypto Oscars!

Obviously, this is just a fun game and should not be taken as trading advice.

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