MarketMakers is proud to announce the addition of two exciting new clients this week, Singapore-based Velix.ID, and the e-sports platform Luckbox, located in the Isle of Man. Both companies have outstanding leadership teams and are in the process of launching their token sales.

Velix.ID is a Blockchain regtech solution to the world’s $200 billion a year identity verification crisis. The Velix.ID solution begins with decentralization.  Storing the data in a centralized database makes identity data susceptible to breaches or misuse in the hands of the concerned authority. The blockchain allows for data to be stored on a public ledger anonymously, with no single authority having control over the information.

The company is led by CEO and co-founder Manoav Singhal.  Advisors include Mohit Kalra (CEO, CoinSecure), Julian Smith (CEO, Blockfreight) and Manan Mehta (CEO,  Infinite Assets).

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Luckbox is an innovative and immersive platform that allows players to bet on esports. The company is creating a fully licensed betting platform dedicated to serving the global esports community, where fans are able to bet, watch and chat in a safe environment using cryptocurrencies, in-game items and cash.

The Luckbox team includes founders Lars Lien and Mike Stevens, along with the following advisors: Onur Bildik (Google), Frank Pages (Blue Magic Capital), Paul “Redeye” Chaloner (eSports legend) and David Sargeant (iGaming Ideas).

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MarketMakers is a leading provider of products and services for companies launching an ICO or token sale. Solutions include the ICO Campaign Management Platform as well as ICO marketing, investor outreach & platform development services.

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